I believe that how a baby is born matters to the mother, the baby and the father. This unfolding process, called pregnancy, is a rich time that readies you all for this specific precious baby. I am a birth servant, protecting the space around your experience.

I have had the privilege of working with birthing families for close to 25 years in a variety of settings and circumstances. From my early years as a doula raising my own family, to my midwifery practice now, my love and passion for this art only increases over time.

Let’s meet and share stories; I can share why the midwifery model of care matters so much to me and you can share what you need from a midwife. My care is personal and very individualized so that each mother feels safe and heard.

I have a passion for women that have known emotional, physical or sexual abuse that desire a birth that can help integrate and heal their experiences.

I am known for talking to babies, believing in what we can’t see and trusting the process. I have come to learn that each woman is changed through each birthing she experiences, as is her partner. It has been an evolution of learning and stretching that has allowed me to empower women and men to embrace their experience and catch their own babies. Oftentimes the prenatal time is a time of exploring, stripping and untangling old wounds so that the way of the heart is made clear. I believe that pregnancy is The Great Revealer, causing us to see things more clearly than before, including our current relationships. This clarity is oftentimes referred to as “hormonal” or that she is “sensitive”. We have a great opportunity to grow deeply during this time! This is my passion! I spend as much time counseling and encouraging as I do sitting at labors. Having the unique privilege of working with my husband provides even more wisdom and care into all that I do.

If anything resonates with you and you sense we are a good match, let us meet and connect!
Please feel free to text or call at 951-323-7193 or fill out the form below. You matter.

Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham

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Dear Lisa Marie,

This is Marina Erfle, you attended my birth on February 25th.. I wanted to say thank you for your incredible support and guidance through the entire birth, making it a positive, wonderful and most memorable experience. Although you never met me (because my primary midwife was at another birth), you did everything and talked to me the right way as if you knew my personality very well! You are an incredible midwife with a gift of intuition and I was honored to have been guided by you.
Our son is doing very well, his pediatrician assured us he is in top health and gaining his birth weight back. It has been a challenge to breastfeed, but both Nicky and I are obstinate and have been working together to learn and improve :)
Thank you again for helping me to bring him into this world the way I imagined it to happen!

Lots of love,


[Printed with permission]


Lisa Marie,

Luna is doing great! We’re all sore and tired but besides that we’re all so happy and doing great. Thank you so much for being here and making sure our girl was brought into this world safely! It was such an amazing experience; I can’t wait to spend my life sharing about the beauty of midwives, home birth and natural birth. Thank you again!

Sheena and Ronaldo Fierro – owners of The Salted Pig Restaurant
April 22, 2013